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Introducing PeJuno! For Women, By Women!

Headquartered in California, PeJuno is working on a mission to help women embrace ‘Freedom To Pee”. With the purpose to spread awareness and help women adopt sanitation. PeJuno is working to make female hygiene devices easy available, affordable & fun.

Designed by a group of women who love adventure and outdoors; we understand the problems women face when outdoors. Today, PeJuno has more than 10000 happy customers since it’s  launch (a few months back). Being a small business we are continuously working on engineering fun, affordable & efficient female hygiene products.

We at PeJuno are proud supports of the organization “Save The Elephant” and for every PeJuno sold we donate $1 to the organization. Check them out here.

We would love to hear from you. Please email us your feedback, thoughts, criticisms and reviews. We are looking forward to hear from you! 



Who is Juno?

We have been asked many times why an Elephant? Well this design is dedicated to my dear neice ‘Anna’ who refused to go kayaking as she wasn’t comfortable with the use of Public restrooms at the site. As a kid Anna’s favorite toy was her toy elephant and that’s how PeJuno was born