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At Nature's call, enjoy freedom to stand! We've got you covered

Boom! The car takes off! The four ladies are bubbling with excitement as their much-awaited adventure trip begins into the vast lands.  They brought their bags packed with all the stuff needed along the way, including snacks, water bottles, trekking shoes, clothes, and accessories.  But, wait! Is their most useful little friend, the female urinating device, coming along with them?

Alice stops the car to answer Nature’s call.  Understandably, one cannot hold on to it for long.  But where among the dense bushes along the way, could she sit down to pee?  Oh, those insects on the grass!  And ugh! In these pants!  Can't life be easier?!

C’mon, relax! She reached into her bag to pick out the incredible.  There lies her little friend sleeping in a cozy corner, wrapped in a cute pouch.  It is made of flexible, skin-friendly silicon, and creates a tight seal when placed on the private part.  It is small, comfortable to carry, and great on the go! It helps Alice to stand and pee.

She rinses it with some water from her bottle after her task is done, wipes it with a pouch, and coolly places it back in her bag.  And then she sets off again!

They halt at a mountain cliff, beaming with fun.  It’s time for their trekking adventure.  They climb up the huge rock, fastening their waists to a rope that falls from above.  And wow, the adventure begins.  As they reach halfway up, Emma pauses.  The three ladies look inquisitively at her and she gives the obvious expression.  Nature’s call!  “Haha, no missed calls here!”  So saying, they continue ahead while Emma pulls out the peeing device from her back pocket, relieves herself comfortably even at such a height, smiles in gratitude, and resumes her trek.

Female Urinated Device

After all the fun and exhaustion throughout the day, they resume their return journey.  The falling temperature at sunset makes them take turns, and with each of them having their pee funnel handy, they face no interruption in fun and adventure.

Back at home, Lisa’s bed-ridden mother awaits their arrival.  Lisa was hesitant to go on a trip leaving her alone all day long.  But her mother was pretty confident that she could manage alone, as she relied on her She Pee packs.  Additionally, she has a pee funnel made of hard plastic, big in size, with an extender that connects it to the portable urinal commode, the kind that is made for medical purposes.

A couple of years later, Nancy turns pregnant.  Alice, Emma, and Lisa visit to greet her at her baby shower.  Post the gathering, all the four friends sit and laugh together in a conversation reminiscing of all the times they spent together, trying all possible adventures.  Nancy gets up as she feels the urge to pee, and with her belly bulging, she couldn’t sit in the loo. 

She reaches out for her pouch of pee device and as she returns from the loo, she sees her friends enjoying watching their album with all the pictures clicked during their trip.  What fond memories!  She pondered over how less comfortable her life would have been in moments of fun outing, trekking, and what she would have been going through to urinate at this moment while carrying a baby, in the absence of the urinating device.  She thanked the precious stand-to-pee device that allowed them to have so much fun, then and now, while she fondly puts it away and joins the laughter and conversation.

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