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2020's Top 5 Pee Funnels (Female Urination Devices) Reviews

Are you the modern woman who is always on the go?  You do not want to step back from having all the fun and adventure that men have, right?  Then, the pee funnel, also known as the female urination device, is absolutely for you!

What is a female urination device/ pee funnel?

Sitting to pee is not always comfortable for women.  There could have been times when you wanted to stand up to answer Nature call, but could not. It could have happened when you had suffered injuries or had a pregnant tummy, in times of menstrual pain, or on a hiking trip.The female urination device comes of great use in such situations.

It comes in various shapes and designs, but the primary job it does is to let you pee without the strain of sitting down. Just apply it on your private part and relax while you relieve yourself in a comfortable standing position. After use, rinse with clean water and store it till the next time you use it. As simple as that!

Which are the best brands of stand-to-pee devices in 2020?

Female Urinated Device


PeJuno offers various pee devices: Disposable and non-disposable ones. The disposable ones are paper-based, with a waterproof lining inside. You have to place it in the flow area, use, and throw!  As they are paper-based, they are light in weight and extremely convenient to carry and use. Just ensure that you take enough of these packs on your trip so that you do not run out of stock.

PeJuno re-usable pee funnels are the best option when it comes to long travel.  It is because these little devices save you from the worry of checking if you have a sufficient number of them to last through your trip. The non-disposable PeJuno urinating device is an elephant-shaped one that fits comfortably in the private area. It is suitable for all your travel expeditions as well as for stay-at-home.  With little maintenance required, this re-usable device is your best pick.

You may choose to buy She-pee packs online for a carefree lifestyle. Gone are the days when you hold on to your pee while traveling in the car, waiting for a clean public toilet. There are absorbent pouches to drop your flow directly in, and you may seal and discard.


For long-distance travel and trekking, the Pibella pee funnel is another apt choice. As it is straw-shaped, it is thin and easy to carry. It is also leakproof, provided you learn how to use it in the right way. However, it takes a few trials to practice using it without wetting the pants, and once you get it placed right, you know it does the job quite well.


This pee funnel is open and wide, but its design makes it easy to see if it had captured the flow, which is suitable for your rock-climbing and trekking adventures. The seal is good, hence no worries about leaks.


Well, here is a female urinating device that comes with a case and an extender as well. It is wider than the Pibella, so it does not confuse you whether you have placed it right.

Whiz Freedom:

If you are looking for a pee device made of silicone instead of plastic, then this one is for you. It is also suitable for use at portable toilets as its funnel does not allow spills. However, it is larger than the others, and you may feel other brands easier to carry along.

Grab your female pee device today!

urinated device

With a pee funnel in your pocket, there is no more undressing to answer Nature call, no more squatting, no more waiting to pass by public toilets on your long drives.  Buy She-pee packs online to enjoy the freedom that earlier men alone enjoyed.

I hope that this guide helps you make the right decision in picking the brand that works for you at its best.