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Emergency/Travel Unisex Leak-Lock Portable Hygienic Toilet

Hunting for Toilet Seats/Tissues? Using Dirty Toilets, Holding Onto Your Pee In Traffic, Squatting Amidst Nowhere... Haven’t we all done it all. We understand how unhygienic and hard it can be. Infact 85% of people use a dirty toilet when they don’t find a clean washroom and with over 1 million germs being present on public toilet seats we are doing us much harm. But not anymore! Introducing PeJuno - Your Emergency Portable Toilet which is Disposable, Sustainable, Compact and Extremely Easy to carry anywhere with you.

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New Launch Giveaway Portable Emergency Urination Unisex Mini Toilet - 4pcs

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Squat Free, Odorless & Leak Proof

Portable & Discreet

Easy to Use - Gel Lock

Money Back Guarantee